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Below find some impressions of 'Ryu-Un-Zen', as taught by Sasaki Genso Roshi. The pictures were made during the hojo sesshin in the summer of 2005 at Tannenhof [ see practice locations ]. By clicking the small picture it will be shown in colour and in a larger format.

 Hojo (Jikishin-Kage-Ryu)
Shimpo 1Shimpo 2Sasaki Genso Roshi shows shimpo (literally "true walking"), a fundamental practice in the hojo-kendo of the Jikishin-Kage sword school. SuburiSuburi with bokken: practice with the sword

Hôjô-VideoThis video sequence (Summer) from the 4 seasons hojo-kata should give an impression of the movements and was recorded with Sasaki Roshi (on the right hand side) in Tokyo. The clip has a WMV format (about 41 seconds - 3 MB). To watch it with Windows Media Player please click the picture.  
Hitsuzendô 1Hitsuzendô 2Sasaki Roshi at hitsuzendo - literally "the Zen path with the brush" Hitsuzendô 3Students at hitsuzendo practice the writing of characters according to a draft on a newspaper.
 Roshi and Students
Hôjô-Sesshin 2005Sasaki Genso Roshi with the participants of the hojo-sesshin Sasaki Gensô RôshiSasaki Roshi in conversation

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